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Selena Derella Destroys the U.N.

Date: 12-Aug-2005/4:33+3:00

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Characters: me, guy, second guy

I was working with a computer system, that was all about management of licensing of elements for creating a cartoon television show. That it held up to inspection pleased me.
Note It was a large database like IMDB...it was very obsessive about copyrights. If you used a voice generator, such as if you wanted Bugs Bunny to say a certain sentence, you'd be automatically adding an attribution in your cartoon to say "character's voice appears courtesy of..." and then some big studio conglomerate.
Somehow I loaded up a web browser and opened my email account. It was full of what looked like spam messages, and I looked at the system clock and it was 6/2004. Someone at a nearby terminal looked on.
me: "Y'know, when I went to bed, it was August 2005. Is there anything you can tell me about this deviation in time?"
guy: (stiltedly) "When...they build...a clock to hang...on the wall...they don't make it out of pepperoni. They make it...out of...touch paper."
Note That sounds fairly nonsensical, but I understood this as saying that the world is made out of elements that are more complex than you think. So for instance, you might buy a poster at a store and believe it can only show the image it had when you purchased it...yet secretly it might be an advanced technology like an Organic Light-Emitting Diode...thus it could change at any point at time
me: "Okay, that didn't make much sense. If time is not absolute, can you tell me anything about the future?"
second guy: "An ex-cuban destroys the U.N. in four years time."
me: "What letter does their name start with? Is there any hope of verifying their existence?"
second guy: "You have not heard of this person. The name is Selena Derella."
me: "Okay, is that a man's name or a woman's name?"
I didn't get an answer before waking up.
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