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Demonic Parking Permits

Date: 17-Jul-2005/10:35+3:00

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Characters: woman, old lady, me, man, employee

There had been several deaths at a swimming pool, and I somehow knew it had to do with the way it was constructed with a huge dropoff point that would trap you under ice. The best strategy was not to fight it, but to just relax and you would awaken somewhere else.
This happened to me, which led me to appear inside of a house. Two dogs had somehow managed to kill each other (simultaneously?) in a barn in the backyard, and I was pretty sure the police were going to come and question about it and the pool. A woman in plain clothes showed up, claiming some level of authority.
woman: "The responsibility for these deaths falls upon the ex-girlfriend of the person you've swapped houses with. She may look cute, but she's a murderer."
Another solicitor poked in through the door, she was an old lady.
old lady: "Just letting you know, the parking rules are changing. This is now a permit parking district, and those without a permit can only leave their cars for 2 minutes before they will be ticketed."
me: "Those permits are outrageous, they cost $15 a month. I'll sooner park in another neighborhood and walk here."
old lady: (angry) "These are the rules!"
I grabbed a halogen lamp and pointed it at her threateningly, yelling obscenities.
Note I don't know why I would do such a thing, nor do I know where I got the $15 figure from.
I somehow managed to take the experience and turn it into a letter, and then dispose of the letter. When I threw it away there was a picture of the old lady smiling on it. While I was at the trash can, a man accosted me.
man: "I need your help, demons are after me. You've got to get me to a bus station!"
Relying on strange and possibly untrue information about where bus stations might be, I guided him outside and toward a shopping center, which had an Albertson's.
me: "If you're on the run, and you need food, you might want to stop in Albertson's. It's one of the cheaper grocery stores."
man: "I know, I own it."
When he went into the store he went to the vegetables and started packing salad into bags. An employee thanked him.
employee: "Wow, you're bagging your own salad! Most people won't do that these days."
The man also was trying to get a plastic cup that was sealed in plastic...someone provided him with one but they opened it as they gave it to him.
man: (angry) "No, I need it sealed, that's the whole POINT!"
me: "The factory sealed condition was probably not perfectly hygienic in the first place. Now, I'm certain this is a dream, so I want to know more about what's going on. Do you have any particular knowledge that will help me?"
man: "One person you need to follow up on is Colonel Frasier. He was in attendance at your birth. Furthermore, be on the lookout: the demons are after you, [name], [name], and [name]"
Note This was a strange set of people that I know.
me: "Is there anything I can do in order to fight or counter the demons?"
man: "Contact Exadu."
me: "Can you spell that?"
man: "It starts with the letter X."
me: "Are you trying to say Xanadu?"
man: "Yes, that's it."
Note There are many different incarnations of Xanadu--Coleridge's poem, the Olivia Newton John movie, Ted Nelson's hypertext project...
me: "The term refers to many things. What specifically do you mean? Please tell me quickly, because I'm going to wake up any second now."
man: "Don't do it here in the store, hold out until you're on a bus...if you can."
So I went outside and got on a bus, and walked to the back, where I saw someone who resembled a person I didn't know well...but had a natural dislike for as a bad character. When I greeted him, the world around me flashed red, and he attacked me.
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