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The MySpace Spell Checker

Date: 28-Nov-2005/5:25+3:00

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Steering myself consciously into the dream-state, I rather casually managed to look up my profile on MySpace. My alias was claimed to be a Carnegie Mellon Student. In the comments there was a thread of people trying to figure out whether this person was a graduate student or an undergraduate, or if they were still attending the school at all.
Feeling angry that I was being 'impersonated', I sent a sort of hostile warning message. It was a challenge to type on the console, but I figured the errors wouldn't be such a big deal. I pushed SEND right before I was about to wake up.
Suddenly something caught my attention in the dream and I became re-focused. A page had popped up:
In order to help improve the quality of communications, the spelling and grammar of your message have been corrected.
I was very surprised by this feature. When it showed my message back to me with the suggested changes I couldn't absorb whether it had made good corrections or censored words that I'd meant. But it hadn't sent the mail yet.
There were two buttons, one for "No, I meant what I said" and another for "All right, thanks for the fixes". I'm not sure which one I pressed, but it said it sent what I typed.
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