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Date: 9-Oct-2008/15:24+3:00

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Characters: her, me

I was standing at a counter which reminded me of the kitchen in an apartment I used to have. There was an attractive thin young-looking girl in a yellow dress, with dark long hair and a sort of a freckle in an odd spot on her forehead which I noticed. She came forward and embraced me, and I felt a little odd about it but I started fondling her.
She started to sing something that sounded rather familiar. She sang rather loudly, and clearly. I can try and paraphrase it, but will screw it up:
Here we are, and we now know,
There was never anyone for us but each other,
But we have to tell it to ourselves
I will tell it to me
And you will tell it to you
Now we will know who each other are
At first I thought it was original, but as it went on I started thinking it was something I'd heard before.
Note It was sappy, kind of like a song by the band "Chicago".
I sort of cut her off and began rattling of name, location details, but she stopped me.
her: "I know your name, I have the same, except my middle name is Anna."
me: "Well so what are we going to do now?"
her: (smiling) "I can always regale you with a song!"
At this point she had bounded onto a bed with another girl. They were hiding playfully under a sheet. I continued to address her.
me: "Not the kind of plan I was thinking. Validation of the supernatural, and if you are another being and I'm asleep talking to you then this counts as supernatural. Can we meet physically?"
her: (stroking my arm) "Yes."
me: "Wait, no, let me clarify. Would you call this meeting physically?"
her: "Seems like it to me."
me: "Then you're not getting my meaning. I mean awake. Then again, this would be fine if it could be repeated."
her: "That would be tricky."
me: "Why, if you can find me now, could I not be found again just as easily right after I wake up? What makes it hard?"
At this point these two large dogs ran into the room and jumped at me, I backed away from the bed and began to try fighting them. I had unusual success in doing so.
me: "WHY DO THEY DO THAT? Real dogs like me!"
her: "I don't know why they do that. I'll know more tomorrow."
me: "So says you, but tomorrow never comes around here in dreams. I've heard dates given, promises made, and yet my life is no different than it would be if I'd never had one of these dreams. Well, except to the extent that I've changed it because of them--like by writing them down. I mean no one comes and meets me again."
Her feet seemed to turn into two more dogs, that jumped in and joined the two that were already attacking me, and I woke up.
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