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The Sin of Music

Date: 9-Oct-2008/14:38+3:00

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Characters: me, furry animal, strong bad, her

I was struggling with several false awakenings, and in one I was reading about a band called "Sin of Music". One of the band members was named "Miche". Each time I would think I was waking up I'd try to write those two things down, or type them. On a keyboard I kept hitting the "S" key but getting a letter "B". Another time I started pulling a long hair that was attached to my tongue.
me: (to myself aloud, mockingly) "Oh yes, certainly. I've always had these long hairs growing on my tongue. No...not awake yet...try again."
At one point I thought I had woken up and was watching a new Homestar Runner cartoon, which confused me because they are usually released on Mondays. The plot was that someone had asked Strong Bad what he thought about hanging out with characters from other cartoon universes. He said it never worked out, there was a segment where he was having lunch with a furry animal character.
furry animal: "I don't think I can be your friend if you aren't going to support gay cartoon character marriage rights."
strong bad: "And what precisely gave you the impression that I would care? My name isn't 'Initiative Bad'."
Note I heard this as in the sense of a political proposition...which I had a suspicion it was also called an initiative, but that's something I had to look up to confirm.
After watching this, there was a girl in my bed as I typed on my laptop.
me: "I don't think I'm actually awake yet. Am I?"
her: (laughing) "Well, if you thought to question it, you should probably test!!"
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