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Eat Sushi, Answer Questions

Date: 25-Oct-2007/13:36+3:00

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Characters: presenter, me, others

I was running some kind of World-of-Warcraft-like program on my computer. I knew I wanted to switch servers, so I could be in the same game universe as someone else. However, they were running an older version of the software my machine wasn't compatible with.
To revert my machine to an older version, I kept installing patches that were taking me further back. At one point my console froze up with a "Malware error." This zapped me into a room full of game designers, who were talking about a recent server upgrade...which made everyone cheer.
presenter: "Now we're going to demonstrate a hot new game that we just showed off at a conference!"
Note The game they demonstrated had bizarre stylized graphics, that reminded me of Cel Shading.
One of the objectives of the game was to eat, and your main character's weapon was a fork. When you ate enough, such as 10 pieces of sushi, you were asked a quiz question. Answers to the question were being shuffled in an erratic way such that if you delayed too long before pressing an answer key (e.g. "3") you could accidentally select the wrong answer. One question that was demonstrated was a geeky math question about integer sets.
I went to play in this game. After getting a hint about money and the city, I tried dropping a coin on a building--which opened a secret menu. It was a music player that let you listen to any of various songs used in the game. Listening to the music for a while, I decided I was going to start asking questions.
me: "What's going on? I'm dreaming, what game is this?"
others: "Don't break character! You'll ruin the game!"
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