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Playable Alcohol in Third Reality

Date: 25-Oct-2007/11:42+3:00

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I was reading a long announcement where people were saying that "In Third reality, there will no longer be warning messages, as they are ruining the game. All the messages are popping up too often, and this level of security is not important considering how unimportant the game is. If it's hacked, who cares?"
I took "Third Reality" in this case to be a game within a game, such as here is a computer in "First Life" playing a game called "Second Life":
...and inside of "Second Life", it's possible to play "Third Life":
...or at least, that is hypothesized in this humorous commercial for Kit-Kat
Another discussion was on the problem that "playable alcohol" had been achieved by an exploitation in the implementation of Second Reality that was added to facilitate Third Reality. This was letting people cheat in Second Reality by moving objects from Third Reality into it.
I copied the whole message thread to the clipboard and fired up a mail program. I didn't really know who to send it to. Eventually I just sent it to a friend's domain, because it was short and easy to type and I was about to wake up.
Note I generally take for granted at this point that no mail I ever send from within a dream to my email addresses will ever arrive.
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