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FACE Computing

Date: 8-Mar-2009/14:36+3:00

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Characters: technician

I was in an auditorium that was mostly empty, and some people were about to unveil a new groundbreaking computer technology. Something about the situation made me feel like it was a super artificial intelligence. The computer was a large beige tower machine, and it made a squeaky bootup noise when they turned it on.
technician: "I want that sound in the documentary. Not some product placement or the Apple bootup noise, I want that exact sound. This is our story, and we're going to tell it as close to how it happened as we possibly can...as long as we still are able to tell it. We did buy a new case for the demo, though."
They pointed to another older case that looked about the same, just a little more beat up and without as many decals. There was a logo that said "FACE Computing", with FACE in large letters.
A small robot like a Roomba, was scurrying about on the floor blasting cold air onto the machine.
technician: "Oh, that's Aurora."
I wandered around the auditorium while this was being set up, and I was practically floating. Crossing my mind were many questions I might have to ask of an artificial intelligence. When I went to the back of the room, I found some kind of elevated seating area which was bounded by several large yellow traffic cones. There was a sign that said something like "VAULT Security Systems".
It was then that I noticed a levitating and spinning tiny traffic cone in midair. It seemed to be a hologram, and it was sweeping around as if it were looking for something. I went to hide from it at first, but then I figured that would look like suspicious behavior so I let it fly up to me. It flew and sort of circled my head a few times and I awoke.
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