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On the Verge of Superman Pornography

Date: 3-Mar-2009/11:10+3:00

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I was in some kind of arcade, with a lot of machines. From context I knew I was dreaming, and I was interested in seeing as much as I could before waking up.
The machine I was in front of had a selection screen, and you were picking from various super heroes (Superman, Batman, Spiderman, and many I couldn't recognize). There were options for the game--such as whether you could fly, or what kind of penalties would happen to your character if you were killed. As I scrolled through the choices, I noticed one of them was a scenario of Superman where women were trying to steal your clothes.
Drilling down into the settings for the women-steal-your-clothes edition, it had a publisher... listed as "Verge". There was a trailer for the game which had you in dungeon-like environments fighting large dominatrix women in white lace outfits.
Note I have a less than encyclopedic knowledge of pornography companies. But I have heard of Vivid Entertainment...and not Verge. There is a company called Verge Entertainment that makes ordinary TV, and an odd website called verge-gaming.net which only contains the text "By ELMuHaMMeD", apparently the residual remains of a group of game players who would play multiplayer games. There is also a super-mario-like platforming engine called [Verge](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Verge%28gaming%29).
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