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Can't Afford The Mother Package

Date: 8-Mar-2009/14:49+3:00

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Characters: me, girl, guy one, guy two, brie

Realizing I was dreaming, I went to hop out of bed and climb down some stairs. The girl in bed with me looked upset.
me: "You can come with me if you want."
girl: "Yay!"
Descending the stairs, I walked into the kitchen, and there were several people gathered there. It reminded me of a kitchen from a house I used to live in. For some reason they were familiar people, though I don't believe I've met them before. We went through introductions, and a girl told me her name was "Brie".
me: "Well what are you guys doing here, in this kitchen?"
guy one: "It's comfortable, I guess. Like...this cutting board, it reminds me of mom's kitchen."
guy two: "And I guess it's out of fear, too."
Some scary/eerie music started playing. I perceived it was coming from under the table on a stereo or something.
me: "Hey. Hey. Stop that music. Fear of what?"
guy two: "It's like you said when the company went down...there's just a lot of uncertainty right now. Out there."
me: "Well that still doesn't explain why you're here."
guy one: "We couldn't afford the mother package."
me: "What do you mean? I didn't buy any of this."
brie: "Oh, so these are actual memories then. Hm. And I suppose she's from your love life... beautiful."
She said it with some sarcasm, gesturing at the girl who had come down the stairs with me. Before I could interject with 'what do you mean by THAT' she spoke up for herself.
girl: (with a flat stare) "Yes. I am."
guy one: "If you don't have any more questions, we'll be going now."
me: "Wait. Well there's a question. Going where?"
He gestured out a window.
me: "How do you get out?"
guy one: "You look for a crack, slip through. Or if all else fails, just skull the wall."
me: "Skull?"
He made a gesture like hitting his head on the wall, as if "skulling" something was to hit your head on it.
me: "I'd suspect I'd wake up if I did that. Wait, do you ever 'wake up'? Is there another life from this one, some body you have somewhere."
guy one: (shaking head, somewhat sadly) "No."
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