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Date: 8-Mar-2009/15:03+3:00

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Characters: older man, younger man, wife of older man, rejected man, me

I was watching a situation unfold, where a group of people were talking in a hallway. It seemed to be after a dinner scenario of some kind. Among the group were people of various ages, and an older and younger man were talking.
For some reason I sensed that the older man was the father of the younger man. I also had some kind of strange possession over his speech. When I realized he was the father of the younger man, he said the word 'father'.
older man: "...Father..."
younger man: "Huh? What?"
I decided to try making him say some more stuff.
older man: "Father... Father... forgive me... for I have sinned."
At this point I stopped making him say things and let him talk for himself.
older man: "I have been taking equity out of the house. It's just been hard lately."
younger man: "Well I understand. Maybe we should do some cost-cutting options, like having dinner together more often. This was fun tonight."
There was a detour of some kind as I began to get flashes of more information about the situation. It was an apartment in which parents of these kids were living...they were no longer together romantically, but there was a situation going on where a neighbor or friend was trying to hit on the wife. In order to get rid of him, they were making up a story about how they were thinking of getting back together. I was able to somehow see this woman complaining to someone named "Lily" about the man's unwanted advances.
Somehow, I then went following this man as he left the apartment after having been rejected.
wife of older man: "I'm sorry that it isn't working out for you to get what you wanted."
rejected man: "Oh, I was fine. But...nevermind."
I had some comment to him as I followed him into an alley. It may have been regarding the fact that this was a deception and they weren't actually getting back together.
rejected man: "Yes, of course you would say that."
me: "Hold up. I would say that? Who do you think I am?"
rejected man: "You're just something that men find it easy to add to themselves. Like fear."
me: "Hey, watch it! I work pretty hard on not fearing things. Moreover, I am a real person with a history..."
There was what looked like a small chihuaha in a plastic container, with another small plastic cup on its head. It was running furiously.
me: "I'd really like to let it out of this container, but I have bad luck with dogs in dreams. It would probably attack me."
The rejected man went away. Then a bunch of mist and flooding water came along, but I managed to produce larger and larger inflatable rafts to ride up on the waves.
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