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Ferns Accented With Stage Lights

Date: 21-Aug-2006/15:20+3:00

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Characters: organizer, me, bouncy girl

I was driving by a place that was something like a YWCA, but it had been done up with decorations for some kind of party/fundraiser. So I stopped the car and wandered inside to look at it. They were selling tickets for the event, which was on the 14th.
Note I somehow knew this to be a few days away.
One of the organizers greeted me warmly.
organizer: "Hi there! Welcome!"
me: "Oh, thanks!"
organizer: "We're curious...how did you hear about our event."
me: "I was passing by, and the decorations outside drew me in to check it out."
organizer: "Oh? Really? Glad you like them, but it's really nothing special yet."
me: "Well I really like all the ferns you have. The stage lights really accent them..."
Though I was enjoying showing the organizer the things I liked about their decorations, it was about time to leave. So I returned to my car. A few people followed me out and continued chatting.
The car reminding me a bit of the car the Beverly Hillbillies moved in:
...because it had no roof, and was stacked with furniture.
Instead of driving the car off, I laid down on a bed that was on the car. A real-life acquaintance bounded in and laid down next to me, and I gave her a quick pat on the back hello. Another woman in the car looked at us furiously. She said something I could not hear to the bouncy girl, and took off.
me: "What did she ask you?"
bouncy girl: "She asked if you and I were dating."
me: "How did you respond?"
bouncy girl: "I said yes."
me: "Oh really?! Since when!?"
bouncy girl: "Since I decided we were, yesterday."
Note Incidentally, that is precisely the kind of thing this acquaintance would do.
me: "Well you shouldn't have said that. I think she thought I was out on a date with her right now, so she'll be mad at me."
bouncy girl: "No, she's not mad at you. She just has issues with her body compared to mine."
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