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Fundamentalist keyword "FICTION"

Date: 13-Sep-2007/14:34+3:00

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Characters: frozen man, me, voice, man

I was playing some kind of rather odd game, in which you were in a machine that could travel through space and time, like Dr. Who. As you came to each new place you would meet characters and you had to decide whether to open the door to let them in your machine, and to let you out to explore their world.
The person I was with had some kind of cheat book. So he began addressing the game characters by their name even before they'd introduced themselves to us. He also knew when it was safe to open the door or not.
We went into a very cold room. It was covered in ice and these men were stacked all on top of each other. They could talk and move minimally.
frozen man: (slowly) "I'm aware of the state of my body, but I'm not concerned about it. I'm immersed in another reality. Though there are a few of us who can still sense and feel the fact that we are piled in a freezer."
Leaving the room and getting into the spaceship, I pushed a button to take off... then realized that I had left behind someone from my gaming party. So I pushed the button to reopen the door, but then I was flung into space. Though uncomfortable, it wasn't a vacuum. I spoke out loud.
me: "I can always wake up."
voice: "You better, because I bet you can't!"
me: "Well I'm not even going to try, I want to see where this goes."
So I just sort of fried a bit with my eyes closed in space and felt at my skin to see what it was like. The next thing I knew I was laying on the ground with some kind of "enter your high score" machine. I didn't feel I'd done very well, but I began punching my email address out on it.
Note It was just my usual attempt to leave behind a trace in another universe which can be tied back to this one.
While working on entering my email address, a girl who was making lewd suggestions tried to start a conversation with me. I stalled her in order to complete my task, but ultimately I couldn't accomplish it. The score solidified into a sealed box before I could enter all my information.
Thinking fast, I grabbed a sharpie and started writing on the exterior of the box. I kept trying to write the same word over and over again, but as soon as I got close to the whole word the pen would scrawl or run out of ink.
me: "Why does this always happen?!?!"
man: "It's because there's a high level program running in the system that notices certain motions, gestures, and means of expression and disables them."
Because I was frustrated, I was tempted to attack this man. But as he seemed helpful, I decided to just listen to him and ask more questions.
me: "What's that program called?"
man: "Fundamentalist."
me: "How do I disable it?"
man: "Spoken textual keyword."
me: "What's that keyword?"
man: "FICTION, but when you say it you have to be pushing your button."
Note For some odd reason I thought at the time that 'your button' would be holding your nipple.
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