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Hey, it's LoJack...

Date: 7-Dec-2007/22:06+3:00

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Characters: me

I was in some kind of strange cafeteria, trying to get some food. A man came and introduced himself to me and called me by name, and said he was "lojack". For some reason, I thought he was one of the group of Matrix characters like Trinity, Morpheus, Cypher, Neo, etc.
Note LoJack is a brand name of a device which helps you locate stolen vehicles by GPS.
me: (sarcasm) "Oh, a dream conversation again. My psychiatrist says I shouldn't talk to figments of my imagination."
After the speech someone else who was there came over in the cafeteria and looked down my pants, which was startling.
Note I do not know why, perhaps to determine if I was male or female, beats me. These things happen, I just report them. Also, I don't see a psychiatrist, I was being facetious.
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