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The Map to Aramania

Date: 7-Dec-2007/22:04+3:00

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Characters: me, somebody, some girl, a man

I was wandering through an underground bunker and someone was telling me about how I was some kind of leader or prince.
me: "If I'm a powerful leader here, why is it that I have no memory of it and instead remember an entirely different life while I am awake?"
somebody: "You had an accident. It affected your memory of this place, which is called Aramania."
Note There is a bizarre world of warcraft discussion started by someone named Aramania. It appears to be a word or name associated with the Turkish language.
Note Upon a review of past dreams, I surprisingly discovered that this isn't the first appearance of the term Aramania, although there wasn't a whole lot of information in the other dream.
me: "Where is this Aramania located?"
some girl: "It is in New Zealand."
a man: "New Zealand? Don't be silly. That's not even a holy land."
me: "I am from North America. Does that mean anything to you? Have you heard of the United States?"
a man: (angry) "Why are you doing this? Why are you trying to make a map?"
me: "Because I want to connect the dreaming and the waking realms. I want to know."
My perception was that we were in a fortress, and there were snipers who were protecting it. A man walked by with some kind of tray or object that was labeled in bright shiny letters "Hitler".
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