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La Verne, Georgia

Date: 25-Nov-2007/9:11+3:00

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Characters: interviewer, man

I had the experience of riding on a bike behind someone, yet I was listening to a radio interview. The person being interviewed was being asked questions, as if they would win some kind of contest if they got enough of the answers right. I picked up on it in the middle, and though it wasn't a lucid dream I find it oddly specific.
interviewer: "...and what is the top rated location with the least expensive beach resorts?"
man: "Canada."
interviewer: "That is correct, yes it is Canada. Next question for you is about the most beautiful passing-through spot."
man: "Laverne, Georgia"
interviewer: "That is a great place, but actually the #1 rated passing-through spot we were looking for--as rated by Car & Driver magazine 2007--is Monroe, Massachusetts. For our final question, besides the nine countries that have historically refused passports to Americans, which other country has been denying American passports in retaliation for the recent events in Africa?"
I did not find out the last, because I woke up.
Note There is a Monroe in Massachusetts though no Laverne in Georgia...though there is a Lake Verne.
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