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After all this waiting, it's finally happening to me...

Date: 13-May-2007/20:34+3:00

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I started setting up an operating system. It was not like installing anything I was familiar with.
In all the slots where it was asking you to fill in information like your license number or what account name you wanted, etc. I just started typing in my name and web page URLs.
Note I was lucid, and hoping to leave behind a trace of my presence to whoever saw the half-installed OS.
Next I was watching news clips in a reasonably high-def full screen movie player, and I could skip ahead if the story wasn't interesting.
The first was something about a sentient potato...they were interviewing this potato and describing how it got injured and needed surgery. There was also a somewhat critical account of some politician who was having a mole removed.
Note Given all the other strange things I face, who's to say you can't talk to a potato with the right interface technology?
I paid rapt attention to an article which included a screen capture of a computer system running. Someone was showing and narrating (via text on the screen) a bizarre finding. They went into the network control panel and were showing that it had been connected to my real-life wireless network, and they were finding all these tweaks and monitors that had been put in.
One was that certain events on the machine would be noticed and trigger songs to play mysteriously out of nowhere. The narrator was speaking about their experience as a system administrator at a school and how they'd seen this sort of thing before.
As I was watching this, a song started playing whose lyrics were something to the extent of "after all this waiting, it's finally happening to me..."
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