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Date: 13-May-2007/14:08+3:00

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Characters: scraggly guy, me

At first, I was reading several dialogues on a bulletin-board discussion forum. They were speaking about certain "universe numbers" and the variations in the perceptions of software companies (Apple, Microsoft, and IBM) in these different parallel histories. I also was looking through some graphic design files, one of which was a set of icons made for "SkypeUniverse" which was a software tool that had been developed to allow communication between parallel worlds.
While reading I had the impression that I was sleepwalking in my room, and actually using the two computers I have with my eyes closed. This seemed pretty amazing to me--and I noticed how the colors on the various icons were washed out in various ways. But I continued browsing. Reading through some various files I saw equations and textbook descriptions of the theory and consequences of exchanging information between parallel universes. One equation looked like:
Temp1 - Temp2 Temp1 * Temp2
---------------------- + ---------------------- = Result
pH (power of hydrogen) pH (power of hydrogen)
Note I'm missing a couple terms out of there, but I do remember the temperature difference was subtracted in the numerator of the first term and then multiplied in the second term. pH was in the denominator and was actually written out and explained what it was. This was some aspect of a calculation used in figuring out the energy requirements of a communication, though I have no idea how it played into the broader text.
A little while later I realized that I was actually not walking around with my eyes closed, but just lying flat in my bed per usual. The equation seemed worth getting up to write down, but I decided I could remember it and just let myself continue sleeping to see if I could find anything else. What followed was a long number of sequences, each beginning with red text on a yellow background:
I am Homer Simpson Ha Ha D'Oh
Then this switched and became more a familiar computer desktop, with a web browser where someone would type in the URL field: you can type now. At first I just browsed and read everything I could think of... using google and searching for dream telepathy to see if this universe knew anything I didn't. I looked up homestar runner--and just clicked around on various links which would sometime pop up under someone else's control. Even though my typing wasn't perfect, I had surprising success getting where I wanted to go...as if someone else were watching over me and fixing my typing mistakes.
This happened a number of times, each in the same pattern: I would awake, then intentionally go back to sleep, and then be "bootstrapped" into a workable situation by this odd yellow screen saying something about homer simpson. When the URL bar came up with the text "Ok, you can type now..." I decided at one point to try and chat with them by typing back to them instead of browsing.
I asked who they were and whether they could see me, pointing out that I could not see them. Very odd things happened at this point, but a scraggly guy was somehow able to bring up a web-camera on the screen that I was seeing and pointed it at himself. He looked a bit like Kurt Cobain and the background setting of where he was was some kind of technology store in a shopping mall or Wal-Mart type of place.
scraggly guy: "The avatar of you I can see from my point of view is a human female."
me: "Nope, I am male and asleep in a bed."
scraggly guy: "Despite the fact that I can't see that right now, there are cameras everywhere in the universe. So it could theoretically be seen."
me: "Please, can you give me any hard data or breakthrough that can verify my parallel universe experiences."
scraggly guy: "I'm sorry, I can't, and I have to leave right now."
I somehow escaped the framework of looking at the screen to follow him. This got me into some kind of locker room where he turned into a kind of odd alien and vanished. Continuing the investigations I proceeded to revisit computer screens, but the Homer Simpson calibration sequence was gone now.
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