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The Bad Preacher's Tale

Date: 6-May-2007/16:12+3:00

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Characters: man, me, woman, wall, nurse, old lady

I was in my bed using a computer that I could tell was not mine, attempting to document a dream. That helped trigger me into knowing I was dreaming.
So I started poking around the computer for a web browser. I found Firefox, but the icon was a black and white illustration of a fox--something that looked like it was from the Mac Classic era.
As I was working, I noticed some people around me. One of them came up to me and looked at my eyes and opened them up a little wider.
man: "Oh, yes, we have to adjust to 30 frames-per-second."
There was an improvement, and the room seemed more vivid and stable. I followed the man toward some kind of spacious cafeteria.
me: "How can reality have a framerate? What is the nature of this world? Is the world I live in some kind of simulation."
man: "Yes, pretty much. You're using a particular set of geo-tapes..."
I rattled off the date and time I was from as best I could remember it.
man: "Look at the cars outside."
I went to the window and peeked out at the cityscape. These long, snakelike trucks were moving in a very unusual way, with heads and tails like a train--symmetrical. I recognized that one was a UPS brown with the shipping logo.
me: (excited) "Yes, I remember this... I've seen this before!"
Note I don't actually know of seeing anything like those trains before, but it really did have a certain dream deja-vu at the time.
The man hastily pulled out some kind of adhesive and stuck it on my hand, as an angry-looking man approached me and tried to do something to me. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to show him the sticker so he'd leave me alone or hide the sticker.
Shortly thereafter I was laying in some kind of hospital room, and a woman walked by me.
woman: (disgustedly) "You're a bad teacher."
me: "I'm not sure what you're referring to. What exactly is it you think that I don't teach well?"
Words appeared on a wall that I was looking at.
wall: "She didn't say 'teacher', she said 'preacher'."
There was an elderly woman seated to my left and another woman sitting on my right. A woman in a nurse's outfit came with a needle, which I interpreted as a lethal injection. The woman to my right welcomed it and talked about how much she was looking forward to death, but the nurse didn't get to us.
nurse: "I've run out."
I still had the sticker on my fingers from before, and the old lady to my left snuck a tube up to me.
old lady: "Stick your finger in here."
I followed her direction, which infuriated the nurse, who tackled me.
nurse: "You're not allowed to use the Aids-well!"
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