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The Future of Urban Design 2018

Date: 25-Apr-2007/18:49+3:00

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Characters: womans voice, ugly woman, me, another woman

I'd managed to grab control of a dream somewhat, to the point where I was able to twist seeing an animal into having that be my dog from childhood. This made me happy, and I decided to just enjoy the experience of playing with him a bit. I wanted to see how long I could keep him there.
Note This reminds me of all those stories many people told about seeing pets during out-of-body experiences as they go toward the white light.
My attention turned to a large car that busted into the side of one of the room's walls.
womans voice: "All of this never was."
Feeling a bit cocky from my ability to bring a dog out of thin air, I just climbed up the car to confront them. Some strange and ugly-looking people were riding on top of the car, who started talking to me about stuff I don't quite remember about one of my birthdays.
ugly woman: "...and this all ties into that incident which happened on your birthday, where you and your parents confronted the fact that you didn't have a close relationship."
For a time I turned over in my mind whether that happened, but I realized they had the day wrong.
me: "That's not my birthday, which is much easier to find out than reading minds or videotaping my childhood. Which is what you would have had to do in order to have any of the other information right. Do you even know who you're speaking to? What's my full name?"
ugly woman: "Well, we have your ID."
another woman: "Don't let him see it!"
I snapped it out of her hand, expecting to see some random person's driver's license. But it wasn't a license at all, just a business-card-sized picture. I was standing in front of a large sign that said "The Future of Urban Design", and it was dated 2018.
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