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Mirrors for Nothing

Date: 5-Oct-2007/19:06+3:00

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Characters: him, me

I was flipping through some movies, because I was trying to select a film for some purpose. When I could not find it, I began describing the film I was looking for to someone in the room.
him: "Is this a new story?"
me: "No, it's a very common one... the idea that believing in something makes it real... thought incarnates into a form. Buddhist thing. Kind of like how we are incarnated now."
Had I been less groggy, I might have said Velveteen Rabbit. I noticed I was dreaming and began describing what he looked like. He vaguely resembled the level of computer-generated avatar design that was in the Dire Straits money for nothing video.
me: "You look like you have purple hair, almost in the shape of a helmet. And you don't have feet, your legs end in rounded nubs. What do I look like?"
him: "Why don't you look in a mirror?"
me: "I'm afraid it might make me wake up faster."
him: "Don't worry about that."
I was kind of stocky also, with a kind of computer-animation five-o-clock shadow. I was wearing blue denim, and the collar of the shirt I had on was some kind of lopsided buckle. I took off the shirt and saw I was wearing a black cape underneath that. There was only one mirror, so I looked at another wall and a second mirror materialized. I confirmed that I looked the same.
him: "I'm gonna charge you extra for that second mirror."
I responded with a confused look.
him: "No, no! I'm just making a joke. I like that you looked in more than one. It's good thinking."
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