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Multiplicative Inverse of The Beast

Date: 8-Jun-2009/13:08+3:00

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Characters: me, narrator

Note I've not been doing a lot of dream documentation lately. That doesn't mean I haven't been having them, it just means that I've prioritized other things.
I was having a fairly coherent run in a dream of being able to type on a keyboard and get what I typed to come up on the screen. Some of the things I was looking for were the usual searches--for my own name or URLs of pages that I have maintained for a long time. None worked. At one point I got tired of doing that and thought I might search for some other things.
Going to the URL bar, I typed in "google.com". Doing so went through a redirect to a website labeled "1/666"; it was still a search engine, but had all kinds of advertisements and a brown background.
me: (to myself) "Argh. Who does this?! Well, we know who does this, but maybe what I mean to say is 'why don't we kill them'. Oh right, right...higher road and all that."
Inspired by the recent announcement of Google Wave, I typed in "future of google apps" into a video search engine. The hit for that was a video that just had four colored dots on it. I couldn't really stay focused on what was being said, so I just skipped ahead to look if the video developed at all--but it was just the dots in different positions.
Note The four colors might have been yellow, red, green, and blue--as from the Google and Chrome logos.
Clicking on another video, I watched what appeared to be a demonstration of storyboarding software for comics. A narrator was speaking while it was being demonstrated, and I started to feel the sensation of laying down.
narrator: "...and by automatically creating patents on every permutation of ideas. The intention is to flood the system--because if they cannot determine which patents are 'authentic' and which are 'illegitimate' then they will have to admit that locking up ideas is a failed concept."
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