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Odds Are 1 That I'm a Body Snatcher

Date: 26-Feb-2009/14:12+3:00

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Characters: me, speaker, voice

I was in some kind of community room where a talk was about to be given. The subject of the talk was dreams and their meaning. At first I sat in the first row, but then started to feel skeptical that the person speaking was going to say anything interesting.
Feeling like I had to go to the bathroom, I used that as a rationale for why I was getting up from the front row and walking out. As I did, I noticed the meeting room I was leaving was in a church.
me: (thinking to myself) "Hmmm... a church. Well, maybe that means the bathrooms won't be completely disgusting. Hey, wait. This is a dream, which means the bathrooms probably WILL be disgusting. But still, I feel like I have to go...I wonder if I do if that will make the sensation stop, and if it does, if that means I'm wetting the bed?"
As the sensation was strong I went ahead and used the dream-toilet. The bathrooms were actually quite clean, which surprised me. When I left the bathroom I marched back into the room where the speaker was at the podium.
me: "All right, so you're having a dreaming workshop here. That's great and all, but I'm dreaming right now. Do you think you are as well? Not that we both have to be...perhaps I'm dreaming and you're not."
speaker: "Well, I assure you this isn't a dream."
me: "I say it is."
The speaker pulled out a swiss-army style pocketknife, and smiled.
speaker: "Well, if this is a dream, then this knife can't hurt you--right?"
me: (reaching for the knife) "Precisely. Give it to me and I'll show you."
This upset him, and he pulled the knife away...cautionarily waggling the blade before folding it back into the knife.
speaker: "Hey, this is seriously sharp."
me: "Well give it to me and let me check it out."
speaker: "Why would it make a difference if you cut yourself in a dream as opposed to me cutting you?"
me: "I'm sure I'd be fine, but lately I have been worrying about this whole mind-control and channeling thing lately. It's possible I'm just making some host-person babble and injure themselves, and maybe there's some feedback I'd get from what they'd be comfortable with, so I'd know when to stop."
At this point the room disappeared and I was sort of talking to a view of mountains and static, yet I could hear a voice very clearly.
me: "Is it true? Is there a race of mind control creatures that take over human minds?"
voice: "Yes. But there are relatively few of them, compared to the number of humans."
me: "Hmmm, wonder what the odds are that I'm a mind control being?"
voice: "One."
me: "I'm confused. You mean like... the odds are One Point Oh Oh, e.g. 100%?"
voice: "Yes. It is certain that is what you are."
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