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Voltron, George Jetson, and Tinkerbell

Date: 26-Feb-2009/14:41+3:00

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Characters: guy, chatter, me

I was in a chat with some people who were exchanging tips on getting out of levels in a game. There were a lot of boxy maps being exchanged, with various rooms and hallways lit up. A guy with long hair was helping me type.
guy: "There's a soul here."
chatter: (typed) "Ok stop repeating your name over and over and telling us where you live. We know already. You have to go into Adobe Illustrator. Tell your editor you need to make a 300x300 composition."
me: "I don't work for an editor."
Note A friend of mine who uses Illustrator works for a magazine, and I took the phrase literally--as in asking a person who was an editor.
guy: "No...use document settings."
me: "Oh, okay. I need to set the document size to 300x300."
guy: "Yes, and also you have to protect the document before you run the command."
me: "I don't know what command you want me to run."
guy: "Come with me, put on your shoes."
He threw me a pair of shoes that morphed into a pair of Tevas I own. Putting them on was cumbersome.
me: "These shoes changed; are you living somewhere that physical objects that manifest out of my mind will stick around?"
guy: "In theory, it can happen."
me: "How did I get here? Can you explain this?"
guy: "Well...do you promise you won't be offended?"
me: "I'm way beyond that, just give me some information I can use."
guy: "You were in the Voltron download."
me: "Voltron?!"
I was following him down hallways as he spoke, and it was a little tough to keep up with him.
guy: "Your company was making this big game version of Voltron. And they had the idea that at the end of the game you'd have dinner, and they'd licensed George Jetson and Tinkerbell...and..."
me: "Quickly, I'm going to wake up. Can you get to the part of how this all affects me? Was I a developer?"
guy: "Not exactly, you weren't involved in any of the leading edge stuff. You were just in the game working on it when it was stolen."
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