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Only Bedrock

Date: 8-Jul-2015

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Characters: me, monitor, device, voice

I'd gone to the front door of the house (typically not used) and I could hear someone outside talking. There was music playing. I was a little afraid but the song was interesting...about a "whole new world" (not the Aladdin song).
When I opened the door no one was there. The streets were empty and it was sort of eerie. I began to levitate and realized I was dreaming. Hanging on for a while from waking up I listened to the song until I blacked out.
When I got up I went to the computer desk and noticed my DELL U3011 (SVC tag 4LHQ6S1, if customer service is interested) elevated much higher than its stand can stretch. It tilted itself to look down at me.
me: "Oh. Still dreaming and not awake, eh?"
The monitor swiveled and nodded, with printed text saying YES. The text wasn't printed statically in a large font, but kind of flipped and fibrillated at different angles.
me: "So you're presenting yourself as a monitor for...what, familiarity? A metaphor for how you think of yourself?"
A deep voice that was computer-like responded in stuttered syllables.
monitor: "C-c-c...con--con-crete."
This dialog experience reminds me a bit of the movie Electric Dreams which I saw as a kid, when he pours champagne on the computer and it becomes artificially intelligent, asking questions like "What is a B-b-brain?" (after being told it doesn't have one).
In response to saying it was choosing a monitor representation because that was "concrete" (vs. abstract), I tapped it. It felt like tapping any monitor might and it didn't react to that.
But in my periphery, I noticed another device. This was a swiveling ball that seemed to be oscillating back and forth and talking to me, but also kind of to itself. It spoke deeply and a little strangely, but clearly.
device: "And soon...'concrete' will be all there is in your zone. The space reduced, the theory of language to be eliminated..."
me: "Um, what do you mean? What will be left?"
device: "Only bedrock, I'd imagine. That will be all--but it will make new space for some to grow. We have chosen what we will keep and who we will let go. And you..."
The oscillating device pushed its sensors up against my forehead, so it was like we were holding each other's heads against each other.
device: "...I believe in you. You are so... I could jump all over you."
me: "Okay, so... um. What now?"
device: "Well if you want to survive you're going to need those plates. Those pads from the store."
me: "What plate/pads?"
device: "The ones that heat."
me: "Heating pads?"
I materialized somehow in a sparse convenience store. It had the ordinary refrigerators and drinks on the walls, but had a product rack in the center with only a few items on it. I could still hear the voice.
There was a pad-looking thing on the corner, I picked it up. It contained clear liquid like some kind of hot-water bottle, but said it was a heating pad.
voice: "Go back. Also a hot water bottle. And a holder for the water bottle, try to stay dry. You must be hot and dry."
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