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Only Human After All

Date: 22-May-2016/9:56+3:00

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Characters: man, me, her

I went and grabbed a beer from the corner of a kitchen, then went to join a table. I tried to drink from the can--but despite being cold and having felt full at the time it was empty.
Trying to pour the beer into a cup also didn't work. Yet somehow I picked up one empty cup and the motion of pouring it into mine filled it up. I looked at this puzzledly.
A man pointed at the can and addressed me.
man: "When you got that beer, did you say you were getting one for a friend?"
me: "Um, maybe. I dunno."
man: "It's important to control the exact resources of the fluid here. The accounting has to be correct. If you register you're going to take two, you have to take two, not just one. Otherwise everything gets out of balance."
me: "What? Isn't there an easier way of managing where beer or isn't than doing it yourself? Like putting the accounting in the beer?"
That conversation went in some direction for a while that I don't remember. Then I was talking to a friend of mine who had sold me a Nikon D80 for a very low "friend price" some years ago.
me: (sigh) "I really don't have anything now. Not even that camera of yours you gave me. I left it in a backpack, and someone must have found it, but they're not bringing it back. It's hard to think that I didn't even leave some form of ID card in the backpack so that people who wanted to bring it back could have..."
I have no idea what I was talking about. The camera was fine at the time of this dream--though at time of dream publication it has broken with an error indicator.
The conversation at the party again. This time to talking with an ex-girlfriend I was close with for some years in my early 20s--but have not seen outside of dreams since. Somehow the topic of us getting back together was being discussed. And I brought up whether we'd go back and re-enter historical Earth reality to try and collect a memento that I had discarded.
me: "Hmmm. If we ever go back for the photo album, it won't be too hard to extract without a ripple effect on my timeline. It was just one day, thrown directly into a garbage chute, I'd give it high odds that it went straight to a dump and no one saw it ever again."
Drifting off of my nostalgic kick on thinking of what kind of timeline-bending acrobatics it would take to get the photo album back, my tone turned darker.
me: (menacingly) "That's an IF we decide to get back together."
her: (sighing) "I just heard you talking about when you were 30, and things I did when I was 26."
She went to a radio and turned on a song. "Mostly Human" by Zynic started to play, and she began to silently lip sync to it.
her: (mouthing words) "Hurt and now I fall...only Human, after all..."
I stopped to think about the dates she'd listed, and started snapping into lucidity.
me: (pausing) "Wait, okay, 26. Okay hold on. 30...do these ages line up with the times? Would I have been 30 when I threw out the photo album? We can discuss it later, but really I've only got a very short time here. So... can get an answer on what is going on."
She motioned to a long lineup of soda cans on the wall behind me, and picked one of them up.
her: "We're just tasting textures, baby..."
me: "O...kay. But I was wondering more about like, this flipping back and forth thing?"
At this point an approaching sinister-looking man with a face with irregular skin caught my attention, so I attacked him. As part of my attack I kind of put my hand in his mouth and he was surprised. He didn't attack back.
me: "Um, sorry. I had a bad feeling about things, I don't know if you showed up to try and attack me or if it was coincidence."
In the midst of my apology, the people around me seemed to becoming penned in by people from the outside. They shot someone in the group with a Tazer-like device. Because I was touching them I felt a shot of the electricity through their body...but I myself wasn't paralyzed.
I ducked out under what seemed to be a rope or band that was being used to tie the group of people up, and ran out a door.
Outside it seemed to be a train terminal. I looked at the trains, and then looked back inside. Someone was assuring people that trains were making it to their destinations normally, and that there was no trick tunnel down the track that trains were being misdirected into.
me: (annoyed) "Yeah... sure... I'm sure the trains function fine, nothing to see here. So why don't I just go see. Maybe that's why I'm here in the first place."
I jumped down off the platform onto the tracks and began to walk, and the man began to follow me, and came after me with some kind of attack.
me: "I have just told everyone that I'm going to wake up any second now. If we fight, and I take damage here, it won't hurt me one bit. So I'm going to rip into you with whatever I've got, and you're going to get messed up for no reason. It's like in that movie Surrogates, why would you want to fight an immortal?"
man: (smiling) "Because I'm going to buy it."
He didn't explain further. We fought, and I seemed able to control my movements well--but his body was not organic. I tried to shatter his head against the ground, but he was resilient to the attacks--even being hit against the ground pretty hard.
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