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Over The Box

Date: 20-Aug-2006/12:29+3:00

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I was sent a link by a former coworker to a video describing a project very similar to one we had worked on. It wasn't clear whether this was independently made or built using our research, but the date on the video was 1979.
A bit later I was getting the system to run on a laptop, and exploring it a little. There were other people in the room I was in but I had been doing my best to be nonchalant and ignore them because I wanted to see what I could find on the laptop.
me: (humming) "I'm just an ordinary guy, typin' on a laptop, nothing weird going on here...oh no..."
The software seemed very slick. They had toolbars along the right side of the window, but then when you'd click a button then a palette of options would float transparently over top of the window. I couldn't really use the program very effectively, because manipulating the keys and mouse precisely was difficult.
I wanted to fire up a web browser and look up the project's name to see what I could find out about its history. The machine didn't have Firefox, just Microsoft's Internet Explorer, so I ran that...but it had no URL bar. You could only click on what came up in the portal page, which was mostly covered with videos. My attempts to get it to navigate to Wikipedia or Google failed.
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