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Stopping Jim Elegrade's Breakfast

Date: 5-Jun-2012/9:56+3:00

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Characters: me, doctor

I was a patient in a hospital setting, and people killed me with a knives in a bathtub. Though I begged with them to stop, or at least provide an explanation, they actively refused to.
This switched to another scene where there were some pieces of notebook paper where the incident had been documented by someone on notebook paper, but hidden in an office supply closet underneath sealed packs of typing paper. A man in a doctor's coat walked past...and so I went into the closet, grabbed the papers, and handed them to him. I noticed his badge read "Dr. Jim Elegrade".
Note It may have been Eldrige, but that's what I wrote down when I woke up. Google mostly hits EleGrade as being something about elementary school grading systems, some online.
He smiled at the account of the murder, and wfae got in a fight that ended up with me appearing by a roadside, where I saw another man in a doctor's coat walking by. I approached him.
me: "Do you know who Dr. Jim Elegrade is? I just saw that he was happy when he learned a patient was murdered."
doctor: "Yes, he works with me. That patient was a troublemaker. So we had him killed, we're all better off."
At this point people began closing in on me in an attack.
me: "Wait, wait. Hold on. Do not attack, isn't it better to explain? What did he do that warranted being killed?"
doctor: "He didn't believe in innovation."
me: "I believe in innovation, but that's a fairly abstract thing to kill people over. What did he do?"
doctor: "He tried to stop breakfast."
me: "How can someone 'stop breakfast'?"
doctor: (smiling) "He didn't."
me: "I have no idea what you're talking about or why it would be important. But does your society make it clear, during education, that the thing he did would be a crime punishable by death?"
Suddenly the people looked kind of concerned.
me: "I bet it didn't. I bet this is just someone who pissed off your sense of authority and didn't know what you were going to do. So listen up."
Somehow I suddenly got the upper hand, and was able to grab the doctor and slam him against a wall.
me: "Listen here. If you are such an 'innovator', then innovate in the area of education so people know when doing something rebellious will get them silently killed. At least work up to 'Truth in advertising'. If I come back here to your little armpit of the multiverse and find otherwise, you'll be very...very...sorry."
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