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The Brain Experiment

Date: 12-Jan-2009/9:02+3:00

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Characters: me

I was in a crowd of people sitting in what felt like a somewhat boring community center, talking to an old bearded man in a hat. My curiosity had been raised about a woman with a name like Perry Ellis.
Note Perry Ellis is a male fashion designer and clothing label brand, though I'm sure other people with the name exist.
had been one of the first subjects in something known as "The Brain Experiment". Now--something like ten or twenty years later--she was giving some kind of talk or coming forward about the experiment. The man spoke about the incident gravely and in a very protracted fashion.
me: "I'm sorry, but can you tell the story at the view from a mile up... then after that 400 feet... and so on? I need to hear some summary of the complete story before you fill in the details, because I could wake up any moment now."
At that point, my field of view changed to a web browser that had popped up--as if I had clicked on a link and the page was being fetched. Nothing was happening, so I opened another tab and tried to fire up Google...but when I did, I saw a page with light-blue text of someone else's name with a search box. I typed "Perry Ellis" into the search box expecting a Wikipedia page to come up first, but it didn't--instead I got a few links, one of which was on answers.com where someone was asking why they couldn't find any information on Perry Ellis.
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