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The Dance of Life

Date: 19-Jan-2006/13:21+3:00

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Characters: dancer, monk, me

I was with some friends, one of whom was a dancer who was showing me an interesting and seemingly-impossible move. He started whipping his feet back and forth in a way that was so fast that his legs blurred.
This reminded me of the way the Road Runner looks when he runs...
...though as it was somewhat trippy and human-like, it reminded me of the landlady chase scene in Kung Fu Hustle.
I tried to emulate it, but couldn't. He just smiled and went on doing it, spinning back and forth.
dancer: "No, no. You don't start here. You'll never be able to do this unless you spend enough time practicing the 'Dance of Life'."
Somehow I was jostled into a room with several computers and I felt kind of dizzy. It was a cross between a desert monastery and a technology lab. An old monk-looking man took me to a machine and pointed to the screen.
monk: "You see the problem? It's the memory vector, it is swapping...ah, here, in the makefile. The build process is requiring more memory than the system has."
Something sort of snapped me to awareness that this was a dream.
me: "I just saw someone dancing in a way that is not humanly possible in the physical world where I spend most of my time. How is this possible? What are the rules here in the astral realm?"
monk: "Thinking in those separations will not serve you well."
me: "Do you mean to say there is a spectrum, and all worlds have some amount of rigidity as well as malleability?"
monk: (shrugging) "I suppose that's not an incorrect thing to say."
At this point he started changing into a troll-like figure, his body shrinking and becoming sort of scary. But he did not attack me or do anything harmful, his body just started to morph and balloon in various different ways. I didn't freak out.
me: "You used to look pretty normal, and now you're changing into a kinda scary troll-like thing. What's the deal with that?"
monk: "What you are seeing is your truth. Remember that the world is always a mirror."
He turned into something that started to wrap around my body, and it felt like an attack designed to wake me up.
me: "Okay, this is totally wacky, you've turned into some kind of strange yellow and black thing and you're attacking me. How do I know you're the same being I was talking to earlier...not something new that teleported here to assume your identity?"
I awoke.
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