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The Halloween Party

Date: 17-Sep-2006/16:06+3:00

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Characters: me, mexican

There were people around me dressed in costumes, with vampire teeth. I questioned them.
me: "Where do you guys go for guidance? What sort of teachings or earth-based groups will help give pointers on how to deal with this environment? Ok, for instance, Scientology...Eckanar...anyone deal with these groups?"
No one answered, people were basically in their own world. The costume-party atmosphere was especially distracting. It made me wonder if I was wearing a costume.
Finding a mirror and looking in it I saw that I was dressed normally, although my shirt was unbuttoned. Outside of the costumed hooligans, I saw some ordinary folks...like a Mexican guy just standing against a wall.
me: "How about you?"
mexican: "I don't like Scientology."
me: "Ok, but what DO you like?"
At this point I realized the environment was rather stark and childish. Someone with a gun device shot a toothpick into my thumb, and it hurt...the kind of pain that would ordinarily wake me up. Avoiding a couple more flying toothpicks, I removed the one from my thumb.
Realizing I was in a house of hostile juveniles I decided to exit, but I was being followed. I went out the door to the front of the house, but picked up a stick and hid behind the door. They hadn't gone out the same door I had, so I had some time to take in the front of the house. The address was "333" and it was a familiar brick facade.
My foes eventually showed up, carrying some posts. My stick was ready.
me: (menacingly) "Oh, THERE you are! Not used to seeing someone who's onto you, are you?"
They ran, but unfortunately I was stuck to the wall behind the door and woke up.
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