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The Incompetent Destroyer

Date: 14-Dec-2007/13:18+3:00

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Characters: voice, me

So I was in a state where I could hear some guy talking, and then I could talk back. I could still sort of feel the bed and the pillows, but knew I was talking to a disembodied voice. The conversation went a little like this:
voice: "Testing. Can you hear this?"
me: "Yes."
voice: "Hm, good, I don't really... know... how this works."
me: "Ah, well, what's your name?"
voice: "The destroyer."
me: "Cool name, I guess, though what is it you destroy?"
voice: "People."
I elected to wake up rather than continue a conversation with that clown. The rest of the night I slept pretty well, off and on, with no more commentary from "The Destroyer".
Note I was a little disturbed for a while, wondered what would happen if some Freddy Kruegerish entity decided to make my life miserable by haunting my dreams after finding out I could hear him. But someone who can't even get the matrix microphone working is hardly as formidable as the other things I've seen and done.
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