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Wordplay Inc.

Date: 18-Dec-2007/6:29+3:00

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Characters: me, her, woman

I was in a virtual reality game. There was a part where I was riding in some kind of bus, and the bus was driving very fast. There was music playing. I had some feeling of Deja Vu, like I'd ridden on the bus before and the whole trip had ended in us falling into Lava. I began to protest and somehow by protesting I ended up getting off the bus, and ending up walking down a dangerous creepy street in a place called "Hell's hell".
Creepy things came up and started attacking me, like zombies with knives and stuff. Their attacks did hurt, but quite used to the need to overcome fear of those things I absorbed the attacks and would somehow compress the attackers and place them into nearby garbage cans. I didn't attack everything, just the things that attacked me. I made running commentary on the things that went by, offering them the chance to pass safely or cross the street.
A young-looking girl who seemed to be like a damaged doll was riding by.
Note For some reason, I felt like I knew what she was--something like a Jack-in-the-Box toy. Therefore the thing she was riding on was supposed to be a musical device, but it was silent.
me: "You appear quite youthful for one of your kind. Where's your music?"
her: "The story of my people, and how we managed to be free of the music, is a story of triumph and suffering. Those outside the issue will have very little capacity to understand."
me: "Ah, I think a lot of us have the same problem."
her: "Well, it is as you have said in the past...that need not matter."
Abruptly there was a loud musical noise and I was in a new region of "the map". There were kind of nice houses and I sort of inadvertently walked straight into one... and there was a woman right there in the doorway.
me: (awkwardly) "How does it feel to live in a town where every time someone walks in there's an orchestra hit?"
woman: "You need to go to the field and plant the deathroot. For each deathroot you plant, you will receive ten experience points."
Note I'm paraphrasing her words, because she was talking ridiculously fast. But what she was saying about deathroot reminded me of the characters who give 'quests' to players in World of Warcraft.
me: "Are you parodying World of Warcraft by your little speech here, or are you actually a machine?"
She ignored me and other people kept flooding in and taking pieces of paper that said "What deathroot is for". Those people didn't really seem to want to speak with me, they were just trying to grab the quest item.
I wandered into a video game shop of some kind, and it was selling consoles we are familiar with today. It was selling the "Nintendo Revolution", and I stopped to watch the demonstrations of games.
Note Revolution was the Nintendo's codename for the Wii, but they changed it before release.
Somehow my mind wandered into a menu which had the ability to go back. I could see that I could go back through "hell's hell" and to where I was on the bus. After stepping back I tried to go forward, but when I started going forward I went much too far. The saved game segment I reached was titled "The death of a youth." I was watching in rapid playback how some player had taken a car and gone on a rampage, running over people.
Somehow I made it out of there to a menu for the game, and I could read the help files and other things. There was a note about Safety, and it talked about how important safety was and how there was a blue bracelet phone that you could use... but my text in the help file next to the bracelet simply said "Not you."
Note I don't know if that was the result of hacking or what.
I also flipped through and the mention of my name in some of the documentation caught my attention, so I read that one:
"What [my name] has worked for (and made with the help of beer) and kept out of the hands of emotional dinosaurs, Wordplay Inc. can bring to you."
This took me to a room talking with a guy. His name was Kevin, and he insisted that he was my cousin and that we ran this game company together.
me: "Okay, if that's the case, you have to listen to me--THIS GAME IS NOT SAFE. I've either mind-melded with someone in a parallel universe, or gone crazy, or something--but if it has to do with this game something has gone terribly wrong."
When Kevin just kept rambling I began feeling pain and discomfort, and had the unusual urge to wake up rather than continue investigating that world.
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