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David Bowie's Apartment

Date: 18-Dec-2007/6:52+3:00

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Characters: roommate, me, rommate

Note I usually don't write down non-lucid dreams, but this one was strange.
I went to the beach, but when I left I didn't go to my apartment...instead I went over to David Bowie's apartment. It was a small place which he shared in a bad neighborhood with a roommate. Somehow I had agreed to stay there while he was out of town.
roommate: "Oh, you're here to take care of the pets while he's gone?"
me: "Yes."
rommate: "Well, I'm not going to help. David and I don't get along, so those animals are his problem."
me: "All right."
roommate: "I'll be in my room."
This Bowie had lots of pets, and the environment was dirty with bugs everywhere. There were some very mangy hamsters... but the weirdest thing was a wooden kitten. It lived in a box and had an ordinary cat head but the rest was made out of... well... wood, and it ran around. I was nauseous from how gross it all was.
The next thing I knew I was on top of a building. I was part of a crowd that was looking at some unusual skywriting. It was just words and advertisements beamed somehow as 3D objects suspended in midair. I was wondering how it was done and where the light was coming from, and also very concerned about the implications for spam.
Note A technology like this, called Heliodisplay, apparently exists today and can project 2D images into midair.
I began to notice that my companions and I were being dragged into the air, as gravity became less and less effective. Someone commented that we were being taken away in an alien ship.
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