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The Talking Birds

Date: 15-May-2006/13:17+3:00

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Characters: voice

While dreaming about flying, I was trying to aim and hit certain places on the ground. All I had to do was think and then I'd reach a certain point, though I couldn't "stick"--I'd just go up into the sky again.
Looking on the ground I realized it was a lot of kind of strange and scary stuff, though none of it was trying to harm me. I finally decided to give in and let the upward pull grab me. As I accelerated, I got a little panicked about burning up in the atmosphere.
While I was raising into a vortex of clouds, a deep voice began a somewhat chastising but encouraging speech. I do not remember much, because it was fairly long and used a lot of words I wasn't familiar with. As I raised into the atmosphere and started to wake up, the last sentence was:
Note As I woke up, the voice started raising and trilling in pitch until it morphed into the sound a bird outside my window was making. It was twittering and trilling in a way that sounded more like some kind of modem than a mating call.
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