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Noogie? Nougat? Oh, You Like Girls...

Date: 24-May-2006/10:46+3:00

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Characters: me, naugai

I was trying to get my bearings. There were many bald men around me wearing drab clothes in an institutional environment.
Reviewing this old dream, I realize that the environment was dark, perhaps like the prison colony Alien 3...
...but in feeling, it was rather similar to THX 1138 in terms of brainwashing and regimentation...
...in any case, a bunch of trapped bald guys.
I decided to try asking people their names. One fellow approached me and pointed to his nametag, as if it were very important. It said "Naugai."
me: "Hmmm. Is that pronounced Noo-guy?"
naugai: (quiet but earnestly) "No. NAWTGAY."
As I understood it, whatever circumstance he was in necessitated sending the message that he wasn't homosexual in code. The scene transitioned quickly to where I was looking at a newly arrived email in my inbox, and thought I'd woken up. The message was from a Russian online gaming service.
Note The service had the word "Tap" in it, like GameTap, but I believe it was something else.
The content of the message was a special advertisement, and said that said you would get a special point bonus if you played Waking Life 2 as the character Naugai.
Note I was temporarily excited because I thought I had woken up and this a direct dream verification. Then I realized I wasn't completely awake yet.
I just noticed that the name noogai3 is used in a fairly famous cartoon about a flash animated character breaking out of the "Matrix" of his world:
At time of writing, it was the #1 YouTube hit for the keyword "funny".
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