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BirdBird Isn't the Word

Date: 14-May-2006/9:13+3:00

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LiveJournal entries were scrolling by at a mad pace, but somehow I was able to stop the entries and read them. When I realized I could read these journals from within the dream at a leisurely pace, I started looking at the user information for someone named "birdbird".
Note The birdbird LiveJournal apparently existed at one time, but has been "deleted and purged". There are some uses of the name birdbird on the web.
Her full name was filled in as "Amy B. Straum". She had a collection of photos of herself, and she had long dark hair.
Mixed in with her own pictures was a photo of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog:
...which caught my attention.
I thought it was going to be completely trivial to wake immediately up and type this in, but it took a solid couple of minutes for me to physically arise. I had a strange thought as I awoke which was "you're doing a good job, but don't store this in your teeth--store it in your BRAIN."
Note It made sense at the time, and if I had to spin that thought after the fact with an interpretation I would say that it was a calling to not make the tension of trying to remember something so great that I clench my teeth...because the resulting pain interferes with the ability to remember.
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