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I Am Not Michael Jackson

Date: 1-May-2006/10:59+3:00

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Characters: me, her

I was in bed with a girl in a dream, who resembled someone I know.
me: "All right. Now I need you to answer these questions as honestly as possible. They may sound silly, but I need your perspective."
her: "Ok."
me: "What is my name?"
her: "Michael Jackson."
me: "What is your name?"
She said some nonsense words, which made me laugh a bit. I decided to ignore that.
me: "Nevermind. What year is it?"
her: (confused) "29?"
me: "I'm used to year ranges that go something like four digits. To give you an example, my concept of the year is 2006."
her: "Oh, you're not asking your age. You're asking the date."
me: "Yes, the date."
her: "In our time most of the music has no name."
me: "Okay, that's pretty useless. But let me break this down for you the way I see it. Michael Jackson is a famous celebrity, once he was famous for being a great musician but now for being a child molester. That's not my name, and where I'm from I'm not famous at all. The thing you said for your name, didn't sound like a name at all to me. But you physically resemble someone I know."
her: "I like you. Will you come back?"
My teeth started grinding and feeling painful, I spat a tooth out onto the ground.
me: "I can't really 'aim' in dreams, it's different all the time, and I better wake up soon because my teeth are falling out."
her: "You could if you wanted to. But you probably can't wait to talk to her about the books and the songs."
Note I don't know who the referenced 'her' was.
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