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Wake-Up Videos

Date: 15-Aug-2016/9:56+3:00

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Characters: me, man, stranger, waiter

I was discussing code for some reason with people and numerics.
me: "...so it's like Jewel, with the 0304 thing. Jewel Kilcher."
The guy in front of me made a gagging gesture pointing at his mouth, signaling disapproval of her and/or her music.
me: "Well, I wouldn't call her my favorite musician. But she's pretty good still...and I think she's attractive. I'm just telling you that for calibration purposes--and the video Stand is good, and she looks quite good in that...or Intuition, also."
man: "But the album is...pretty much a non-sequitur and kind of blatant, isn't it?"
me: "Maybe. But I'm pretty sure it holds up in my reality...as in, I'm basically sure that person--whom I've seen in concert--can be traced to it. So do they take over her mind, or like, what? How did that album get made?"
man: "You're asking me why OSCOS chose that as a response? We don't know. When you do something, then things move. That's what you got back from something you did--it's how it works."
me: "What's an...OSCOS?"
man: "They're who you should watch out for, and there's one right there."
A man came up to me and poked me, fighting me until I was awakened in a new situation. I was naked and carrying a bag. It split into two bags which I used to cover my front and rear, as I walked through a store. Someone approached me, and led me to a table in a restaurant.
stranger: "You're not safe in here, come this way."
me: "Okay, this is just miserable. What can you all do to get me out of here? There's been a lot of coordination and things happening in my life with things zipping around but it never gets anywhere. Can I get out?"
Without an awareness of why I was doing it, I began writing down the ingredients for the four breakfast specials on the menu. Two were kind of greasier looking, and I was trying to choose between the others. I didn't exactly realize why I was copying down the ingredients instead of ordering. A waiter confronted me.
waiter: "It's been a long time since we've seen you here! your ex girlfriend, she's been by here a lot. I think she would like to see you."
me: "I think you probably have me confused with someone else..."
waiter: "No no, and a good time to meet with her; maybe around Christmas time, everyone visits family at Christmas."
me: (sighing) "I'll meet anyone, I guess."
A man handed me two bills, a $5 and a $1. Someone else came in and he wanted me to give the money to him...while he started filling out a form related to meeting the girl mentioned earlier.
I realized I hadn't paid for my restaurant bill.
me: (to waiter) "Did I pay yet? You should run my card..."
waiter: "Sure, you can pay but...but we have to...change the words on the order. So, hold on."
He and a group of other people gathered together in some kind of trance, bumping up against each other. The waiter called to the cashier.
waiter: "Change it to say...pineapple?"
It began to be that there were a lot of people in the building, and I would try walking various ways. Some would block me, some would make it so I would wind and walk around them.
I found myself being corralled...and there were giant trucks and crowds of things, vehicles with GOOGLE printed on them. People were shouting names, including "Brian", Jesus, etc.
It went out of control and I looked at it. A girl came wandering out into the middle of it, looking bewildered. She walked toward me and I hugged her. Another shorter girl walked toward us and I included her in a group hug, kissing them on the head.
me: "It goes like this for me all the time, but I'd be happier to not be alone while it happens. This is the biggest event I've seen yet."
A man walked up and joined us.
man: "Yeah, this is pretty epic. It's like from our wake-up videos. You make a comic of something like this happening, and then people see it and think 'wait a minute, it could actually work like that'."
me: "I've never seen a cartoon or movie of this. Would be interesting if I could figure out how to communicate it."
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