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AE and the Snub

Date: 25-Aug-2009/8:11+3:00

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Characters: me, police, policeman, guy one, guy two, man

I was looking at an instant messaging program. One of the "status messages" you could pick was AE written with a circumflex A and a euro symbol (e.g. â€). There were several other pre-choosable status messages--and their unfamiliarity cued me into knowing that I was dreaming. I picked the AE status and that caused my body to wildly vibrate.
As I began to float in the air, I used my arm to point in the direction I wanted to fly. The vibrating was fairly out of control and unpleasant, but I ignored it and just kind of talked to myself as I went along.
me: (to myself) "Oh, yes... and this is where we would play chess, the food court is around that corner. Wait, what am I talking about, I've never been here before!"
There were some people with european accents in police cars. I couldn't tell if they were trying to catch me or if they were just traveling by, but I tried to fly into them so they would catch me.
me: "I need... um... medical help?"
police: (inspecting my hand) "Ah, yes... something wrong here. We can fix that up."
He seemed particularly interested in the junction of my thumb to my hand, and put something like a finger guillotine on it. It made a little cut but not all the way.
policeman: "Cut cut cut..."
me: "Uh, come on. You're not going to cut my thumb off, are you?"
policeman: "No, no! That is ridiculous."
Nonetheless he continued to hold this thing on my finger, and I decided to force myself awake. I didn't actually awaken, but rather ended up in a bed with someone. Still a little panicked, I grabbed a pillow and knocked them lightly in the head with it to distract them as I jumped out of bed. This left a surprised looking girl who I then gathered I had been sleeping next to.
me: "Sorry... I'm sorry, I didn't expect anyone to be in my bed... but I'm not awake yet. I had a stressful dream."
Two guys walked in who looked identical--somewhat Mediterranean. I told them my name and asked what they knew of it.
guy one: "Do we know about him? The jerk? The asshole?"
me: "Err... You must have me confused with someone else. There are a lot of people with my name."
guy two: (laughing) "Why would people have the same name?"
me: "Yeah, I think it's silly... but... they do."
We had a discussion about domain names, and they seemed to be operating under the assumption that there was only one person with each name...and that they operated from that "firstnamelastname.com". I asked what kind of interface they had to Earth's Internet, and they said they went through something with a name like "V20x00".
Showing me a box for a piece of hardware, it had some chip in it I'd never heard of from Intel called like a "Quadrium". I gathered that the specifications of speed and memory were things that we would consider unrealistic in this Day & Age.
Later I followed a man up a large branching telephone pole-type thing. I bounded up it somehow clawing my way. It swayed under our weight.
man: "This... hm, I thought it would be quiet up here, but it's not that quiet, and this isn't stable."
me: "No..."
man: "So I've been trying to coordinate some action on your issue of duplicate names. We may be able to install a snub of some kind, an exception for you. But the man who was supposed to meet us isn't here, so we'll have to try some other route."
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