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Back To The Future / Face Off

Date: 5-Feb-2009/10:22+3:00

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Characters: line guy, me, man

I went through a large, disorganized ordeal in a grocery store that seemed like a Whole Foods. People were complaining about the prices, and I was there to buy a box of cereal. The cheapest box was $7.99 or so.
Note This is not inconsistent with the pricing at Whole Foods...a.k.a. "Whole Paycheck". So this alone did not surprise me enough to become lucid! :P
For some reason I realized that I had access to time travel, and that I could use this to go back to a previous week when a sale was on. Somewhat instantly I went back to where there was a $4 box of cereal. I began fleshing out the logistics of time-travel grocery shopping: where to hide the cereal so that I could pick it up in the future, how to deal with items that would spoil... things like that.
Note The scenario of leaving things in the past for yourself in the future did come up recently. I was watching a lame humor video about a guy who time-travels to demand that his past self bury vintage clothing for him so he can look cool.
One question that came to my mind was whether or not leaving items in a kitchen in the past could possibly influence the future...or if the same events would replay, possibly leading objects to intersect each other. (For instance, if you put the box of cereal on a shelf which was empty in the past, but you knew to be occupied by another object in the future.) The next thing I knew I was in some kind of line to return from the time travel.
line guy: "Okay, if you don't have any questions and are ready to go get in Line A, otherwise get in Line B."
me: "I have a question."
line guy: "Okay, come this way."
me: "It's about th..."
line guy: "Not yet. Shh. All questions and answers are confidential, wait until you are in the office."
I was led into something that looked a bit like a fitting room at a department store, with a main area and several small closet-sized spaces. It started out fairly empty, and I asked general "where am I?" and "what's going on?" questions...but it became clear I was taking too long and the room began to fill with a din and lots of people.
me: "Okay, I'll hurry and just ask this one question. If I go into the past and leave an object there, will it cause a butterfly effect of changes and thus potentially lead to a different future... or will any new objects I leave behind overlap with the timeline that I came from?"
man: "It changes things entirely, there will be a new timeline that has to react to the item you left and accomodate it."
me: "Okay, that's what I wanted to know. I'll leave now."
man: "Wait, we have to take that off."
He grabbed some kind of handle on the bottom of my chin and began to pull. It felt almost like there was some kind of hockey mask glued onto my face, and he was trying to get it off. The process was uncomfortable, but eventually it did rip off...and I looked in a mirror.
me: "Why would I be wearing a mask that looks just like me?"
man: "It wasn't just like you. Only close. When you time-travel as yourself, you still need to look a little different."
me: "Oh, I see... even 20 minutes of aging has an effect you must reverse."
Note The idea that you could choose to be someone else when you travel reminded me of that weird Kanye West Absolut Ad again.
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