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The Haunted Sanctuary

Date: 5-Feb-2009/10:52+3:00

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Characters: me, voice, girl

I was walking down a street when I noticed that people were kind of falling apart in gross ways, like some kind of zombie movie. A girl was kind of clawing at the sidewalk and yelling, and I did some kind of strange jump into the air and kicked her in the head. She broke into pieces.
Disturbed that I had done this, I stopped and yelled out to the environment...which struck me as video-game-like.
me: "Wait. Stop. Main Menu."
My perspective changed a bit, but no menu came up.
me: "Uh, Save Game?"
A voice answered me in a kind of cool monotone, and as I focused on talking instead of walking I began to float up in the air.
voice: "Saved as Savefile 01."
me: "What game is this?"
voice: "Game is in Savefile 01."
me: "No, not the savefile. I mean... what's the name of this game?"
voice: "You are currently in The Haunted Sanctuary."
me: "That sounds like a level. I mean the framework, the engine, the overarching title. It must have a title like, 'Revenge Of The Zombie Killers' or something like that."
I lost track of the voice as I floated up to some kind of scaffolding, and I could hear some laughing. A couple of ordinary non-zombie girls were laying down and seemed to just be talking to each other. I sat next to them.
In just a moment I was approached by some a guy and a girl who resembled folks I knew in the past. Trying to put together my memories, I did a somewhat poor job of identifying who they had been in my life. At one point, the girl indicated the watch I was wearing. My watch was silver with a white face, and hers was a gold Mickey Mouse watch with a leather strap.
girl: "I change my watch every year, would you like to trade?"
me: "All right..."
After we had traded watches, there was sort of a blue glow around our arms. She held my elbow to her body. The song by Eiffel 65--"Blue"--began to play.
girl: "You're blue."
me: "Blue?"
girl: "Yes, can't you feel the warmth when you do that?"
me: "Hmmm... yes, it's like my arm is getting more energy from that. This feels really stable. Am I going to be able to wake up from this?"
I could suddenly see--from a distance--a concert or a club where the song was playing to a huge crowd. A number of different colored lasers were beaming around the room vaporizing certain people. Above the laser beams were a bunch of numbers and indications of angles. At the end of the process, only a few dancers remained on the floor.
Though the dancers were distant, I was able to zoom in on them by making the "pinching" gestures from the iPhone. One guy was bald and dancing rather vigorously. I began to have the feeling that the lasers had been trying to destroy robots who were not actually able to hear the music, and the people who remained were those who were not "spam" sent to saturate the club.
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