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Brother is from Succor

Date: 10-Jan-2012/9:56+3:00

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Characters: entity, me, woman, man

I could hear someone speaking to me, but couldn't get a visual fix on him. He had been talking for a time, but I only remember the end.
entity: "...and the word 'brother'...that's from 'succor'. And 'succor' is just another way saying 'to help'."
Note I don't know if he actually said 'to help' specifically, but it was a word with good connotations in any case. Succor does actually mean to help, which I did not consciously know. I don't see anything about the etymology of brother having anything to do with it, though.
entity: "Usually you go on about wanting assistance in your life on Earth from some vague entity...as if that will prove anything. Or you want to hop out of your life and into another one before you've even stopped to learn if that's a good idea. There's a lot of stuff I can tell you about. We could discuss poetry..."
He went on to quote some poem lines about someone who smoked marijuana and did nothing else. He kept morphing from one physical shape into another, kind of deformed looking men, until he seemed to turn into a small black child and jumped up at me. I ducked.
entity: "Don't hold your head down like that, don't react by giving to your impulses."
I raised my head back up but I kept my eyes closed. I felt something that was like a drill bit starting to go into my eye at a slow rate. It felt like it was turning but somehow not penetrating my head. It was very uncomfortable.
me: "Stop that!"
It didn't stop, so I started thinking about how I might maneuver myself (eyes still closed) into a position where it would no longer affect me. It seemed to move in sync with turns to my head, but as I shifted my body around and rolled and walked I felt like moving to different areas of the room combined with facing a certain direction could stop it. I moved to another area and finally opened my eyes. The person seemed to have followed me and approved of my ability to hold out.
entity: "You are getting better at this."
When I regained my sight, I was in a room with more people. The environment was a bit claustrophobic with constant changes of furniture, like an Ikea Store. An attractive woman in a nice one-piece dress came up to me:
woman: "Are you 'under management'?"
For some reason in the context, I took that to be a question about whether I was sexually available.
me: "I'm perpetually a free agent when I'm awake...in part so that I remember to do what I feel like in situations like this."
woman: "Good! How about I take you right here?"
She sat down on my lap and I felt her body and noticed that her skin was a fabric-like material. And she started taking bites at my head in a way that felt like she was eating individual hairs off of it.
me: "Is your skin made out of...uh...cloth? And biting hairs off my head isn't a big turn on for me."
woman: "Yep, it's cloth. And I don't eat the hairs for your pleasure, I do it for my health."
Someone in the room commented that there were restaurants where people's bodies were eaten, and you could go and eat dead people. They got into a conversation about someone whose body had died and been eaten, and whether he had "downloaded in to experience it".
me: "Okay, that's creepy. Can't I find a parallel dimension where people just have normal sex?"
man: "Y'know...actually part of your problem is, there are many here who do not approve of the fact that you've been with a lot of women. It's looked down upon."
me: "Whose business is that?"
man: (shrugging) "In an ideal world, nobody's. But there's a lot of difference between theory and practice."
There was a period of time where I was taken around and shown things. I looked at some of their computer systems and tried to explain how it differed from what was "normal" by my standards. At one point I noticed gravity wasn't acting normally, so I started dancing and running around to see what I could do. I felt like I was sort of dancing in tar but I could manage somewhat.
me: "I just wanted to know what I was capable of. But I feel really stuck. Is this normal?"
man: "You're... hm... well actually you're not doing too badly, considering."
me: "Considering what? Do I have some kind of disability, or is this something you get better at over time?"
I don't think I was answered, but we happened up on a large machine. I got excited because it reminded me of something from another dream.
me: "This thing...wait. Wait I've seen them, I've seen one of these. What is it?"
woman: "It's a machine, whatever you're wearing will be turned into a swimsuit."
We entered it and it was bigger on the inside than on the outside. People were inside it swimming in a pool, and we walked onto a conveyor belt that ran alongside the pool. Sure enough, each person's outfit was thematically re-created right on their body. My shirt disappeared and my pants were morphed into shorts, and the woman's outfit turned into a one-piece swimsuit that looked like the clothes she had been wearing before had flattened into a print.
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