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Chocolate Font and the 50-Headed Q-Tip

Date: 8-Apr-2015

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Characters: me, bikini girl, labcoat guy, passerby

I was watching a game being played that was very reminiscent of The World's Hardest Game, but seemed more complex. You had the simple shapes for players and enemies, but there were teleports...the teleport was a yellow column and had a stand on it next to it. When you stepped into the teleport the item on the stand would go with you.
There were individual challenges of new things you could get--keyring that could hold three keys--things like that. An announcer was pronouncing words wrong in the quest, seemingly on purpose...like calling things 'attach-a-ments' etc.
The perspective shifted to where I was in some kind of game or attack. I was fighting little robots running at me with hooks and umbrellas on them. Picking one up I tried to use it as a weapon to hit another one, leading the other robot to flee. I examined the robot I'd picked up and it seemed not to be a threat.
Becoming lucid, I stopped to speak with some people who were eating orange slice candy and grapefruit drink off a cart in the hall. The hall seemed sort of like in a laboratory or medical environment environment.
me: "I don't know where I am--or what this is about. Could you tell me what you know?"
A girl in a bikini looked at me skeptically.
bikini girl: "Are you trying to tell me you don't remember our whole relationship?"
me: "I assure you, I do not have any idea who you are...or how I got here. And if history is any indication, I won't be here for any longer than 200 snaps of my fingers."
I stopped to snap my fingers a couple of times.
me: "It would be very unlikely that we could have a conversation lasting 200 of those long. I'll vanish and be somewhere else, or wake up in bed."
labcoat guy: "So you're having memory issues, huh? Why don't we see what we can do."
The man led me into one of the rooms that had an open area. There was a lot of equipment. He went and reached up to the side of my head as if connecting something to a panel I couldn't see.
labcoat guy: "There...that's better!"
me: "Doesn't feel any different."
labcoat guy: "No I mean 'that's better' as in 'now we have some data up on the screen to look at'. I'll need some arm tissue too."
He led me to an area in the middle of the room where there was some kind of shower-seeming device with strands hanging it. They turned it on and it started spraying me, I fell down to the ground. I watched as the strange liquid/powder spray went everywhere on me and the lab floor.
passerby: "Which type were you using for that?"
labcoat guy: "It was the 'butter' type."
A floor-cleaning machine came and seemingly took care of all the mess. My arms still looked like my arms.
me: "Is this some kind of robot skeleton that I'm virtually projecting has arms that look like mine? What's going on?"
labcoat guy: "It's made out of water. Before you read too much into that, let me preface by saying that a lot has changed. We're going to need some more things."
He walked us down the hall and I tried to keep up, he pointed at a room we were going into.
labcoat guy: "There's a wolf in this room, so do your best not to be noticed."
He went and pulled out something from a small shelf. Old CD box sets and he got a little box of paper scraps. On our way out of the room there was a brief detour as someone seemed to think I would know someone and if they'd be available to meet for brunch. I got rid of them and went chasing after the hard-to-follow labcoat guy.
When we got back to the first lab, he dumped the box on the ground and asked if I recognized anything in it or what it meant. There were initials of a girl I knew and a street intersection that I remembered. He went traveling to go get something else and I was getting too hazy to follow.
me: "Is there anything I could take or anything to be done to extend my presence before I wake up?"
I noticed a tube of chocolate sauce and thought I might eat it to see if that was "grounding" in the environment. But when I did, it just started pouring out and wouldn't stop.
labcoat guy: "It's not chocolate sauce, it's a chocolate font. Mostly just a gag."
I tried to follow him along onto some kind of conveyor, but the way it worked was such that the pieces of the conveyor would rotate. They began to rotate upward such that you had to progressively step onto them as they turned so you could walk up a wall...and the direction of gravity seemed to change.
He looked at me as I stumbled and wound up grabbing onto the conveyor and fly on it laying down.
labcoat guy: "I don't know how much slower we can make it for you. I know you're from Florida, but still..."
He was looking at some more data on a device, as he went toward another building.
labcoat guy: "Did you ever have a Q-Tip with 50 heads?"
me: "What? Um. Q-Tips are... cotton on small sticks and sometimes they come in packs of fifty... two heads each. Q-Tip is a term used for old people with white hair, and my grandmothers would give me 50 dollar bills for Christmas. I'm not sure what the question means."
I felt I was going to wake up.
me: "You've been very helpful, is there anything I can call you to get in touch with you again if I wind up here?"
labcoat guy: "I'm a bot, owned by a friend of yours: Tor. But he doesn't want me to use his name when he's away and I'm running the body."
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