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Tuning In Fleck Circuit

Date: 5-Jun-2015/9:56+3:00

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Characters: announcer, girl, me

I'd had some sort of incident with interacting with a computer window where something reached out from the image and was able to touch me in some way. At a point after that I was talking with people about it.
announcer: "Has an image of a baby ever scared you?"
girl: "It was probably just you tuning in and crossing against a few people sitting around watching Fleck Circuit or something."
I'm oddly confident the actual 'show' named was "Fleck Circuit". Google search reveals there are "Fleck Circuitboards" for some kind of reverse osmosis water systems. :-/
me: "But it came out and attacked me, and bit me. Can it do that, these shows you decribe?"
girl: "Sure, of course."
me: "Okay it can but why would you be intentionally watching something that allowed that?"
girl: "Because you're not allowed to see the show otherwise if you disable the possibility. It's part of the price of admission, you might say."
me: "Hmm. I do remember seeing something about some kind of interactive VR porn which had a clause like that. It was a condition like 'you could only watch if you had a camera on you repeating the actions that the characters were doing' or they would kick you out. Is that something you're aware of?"
girl: "Yup, it's like that."
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