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It's Light, it's Nothing and Everything

Date: 18-Jun-2015

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Characters: woman, me, her

I was in a room of people talking that I did not know. It seemed I somehow had accidentally knocked an object off a shelf (or it was falling otherwise on accident). It was cylindrical and seemed to be part fishtank.
When it fell it didn't break, it just sort of moved oddly sideways.
Sensing it was a dream, I tried telekinis to pick it up...or imagine where it should be back in position, but not directly because of what I did. A woman with white curly hair seemed to be responsible and she addressed me.
woman: "Look at my shoes, look at them together. When I hold them in one way you don't see a symmetry, but when you see the symmetry you'll feel like you are moving closer to it."
As she described it and reconfigured her feet, I could see what she was suggesting.
woman: "It's something like details you don't see before someone points them out...the cracks in things, little spots. This is how focus works...the magic is how it moves, and so you move."
She held a little mirror on a stick, like a dentist's mirror...and another object. She started juxtaposing them around on a counter. She would turn the items at each other and they would reflect. The surface of the desk seemed to have a picture on it made from the cracks after she had done the reflecting.
woman: (singsong) "It's light, it's light! It's everywhere...it's nothing and everything all at once!"
She then handed me the two items she'd been holding, and started walking off down stairs along with a lot of other people. I tried to follow down and the stairs were awkward, the environment was difficult to get a grip on.
me: "Wait! Wait! You were explaining things, and I mean...I realize one can't have all the time in the world, but I take a lot of time to explain new concepts to people who don't get it at first. On programming sites--there's proof! Is there something about your ability or inability to move which keeps you from being able to stay and show a bit more than something for just 20 seconds?"
her: "Oh, it's quite impossible for me to go up the stairs. I can only go down. Or if I go up I can only go a little way before I vanish."
The stairs were wrapped around cylindrical walls, they had windows in them. When she said she could only go a little way up them before she vanished she had ducked down behind one of the windows and I could still see the top of her white hair.
her: "Or maybe it's that talking won't do any good in the scheme of things. And I'm on my way to Vegas for tonight and don't want to miss my plane. But I suppose if you have one question..."
She stood at the window and I tried to walk toward it, but awoke before I could ask.
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