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Clonero Nanotech Printers

Date: 8-Jan-2018/9:56+3:00

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Characters: me, girl, man

I was in a circumstance messing with one of those restretchable things that are like a tablet but you can compress them with some amount of force to get down to phone size.
me: "How do these devices work, to scale so smoothly?"
girl: "We just print them out."
me: "On a matter printer? Can I see it?"
They took me to a fairly glossy white device without a lot of obvious buttons. It was about the size of an old laserjet printer. I looked around for any markings, there was a company name on it called "Clonero"
Someone else walked up.
man: "We've found a mac computer that we are 99.9% sure belonged to you. Did you work in the film industry?"
me: "Not professionally. I did go to film school and had a copy of Final Cut on an old iMac, but it didn't get much use."
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