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Date: 3-Jul-2009/11:06+3:00

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Characters: guy, me, woman, voice

I was walking down a street with something like Google Street view on a mobile phone. I was holding up the phone and comparing the scenery as I walked past the "real" location. There was a small lag, so I'd be watching the thing I'd just passed on the phone's screen.
Somehow I arrived in a room and began talking with some guy about technical things, we were discussing something called the "COTE" project. It was something for compiler infrastructure. He showed me a ball that was part orange plastic and partly what looked like transparent glass. Etched onto the glass inside of a square was the word "HOOD".
guy: "The logo guys want us to change it, they think it's more clever. By calling it 'hood' they want to suggest it's what's 'under the hood'."
me: "Really I... I don't know what this is about. Where I'm from...there's a lot of commercial software. I'm opposed to commercial software, what is it like here?"
guy: "Hey, you're not that Jobs fellow, are you?"
me: "Steve Jobs? No. Perhaps you're thinking of Richard Stallman"
guy: "Oh, right... yeah, Stallman. I was thinking you were too cute to be him."
I surveyed the room.
me: "Look, whatever technology this is ... I can sit here and talk to you, with awareness of the fact that I am asleep. I have technical knowledge. I can relate information."
guy: (sympathetically) "No one pays you much attention, do they? You try very hard, but aren't getting a lot of credit for your work."
me: "I'd agree with that."
He hugged me, and a woman in the room joined in to make it a group hug.
woman: "You just need new friends--a new crowd. I'll be your friend, like I said. Remember when we shook hands at the base?"
me: "Um. No, not really. Well maybe. Was that the dream with the weird bathrooms?"
woman: "That's it."
Note There was a vague feeling of memory at that instant in the dream, but now that I'm awake I can't connect it with anything.
As I awoke, I was paralyzed in bed. A voice spoke out to me:
voice: "Why did you go to Korea without any prior planning?"
I couldn't speak--but I was trying desperately to say that I had never been to Korea (which I have not).
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