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Devotion where you need it.

Date: 29-Jun-2007/17:48+3:00

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Characters: grandfather, me, woman

I was in my grandmother's house, speaking to my deceased grandfather who was sitting in a chair. Quite aware that it was a dream, I wanted to do some checks...asking him what his name was, testing other things. After inquiring about who he was, and he answered (after a delay) with my grandfather's name, he began questioning me.
grandfather: "Who do you think YOU are?"
me: "I'm not sure."
grandfather: "You are a writer, and I am your other writer."
I asked some questions about what would happen if I died in the physical world. There were insinuations that in the afterlife one needs to be repaired and get medical treatment. I also began asking questions about whether there was any way to direct communications so we could talk again. I even began to get kind of sarcastic.
me: "Is there any way to communicate with you as I know no guided way of returning to this place? I mean, is there a particular channel on TV I should watch? Or look for messages in sea foam? I'm not saying I'll actually look, but I'm just asking...because this is not a very verifiable way of talking."
A woman in the room offered a suggestion.
woman: "There is one way. Repeat this phrase: devotion where you need it, devotion where you need it, devotion where you need it..."
I started to repeat the words. She kept repeating it as well, and would substitute a single word in each repetition of the phrase. A little later I got distracted, and asked to have the phrase repeated; but the room was becoming crowded with a parade of young people. When I asked what the phrase was again, someone quipped: "Inspirational teenage meeting".
Shortly thereafter I remembered what the phrase really was. Thus I decided to wake up and write it down.
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