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Reagan King

Date: 1-Jul-2007/9:44+3:00

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Characters: me, her

In a lucid discussion with a girl in a dream, I asked her name. She just repeated my full name, first and last.
me: "This is one of the difficulties with telepathy, maybe you were just sending back the abstract thought of 'my name' and so I'm hearing my own name. Try spelling out your name in letters, and articulate each syllable separately."
her: "R-E-A-G-A-N K-I-N-G."
Note It seemed like a nonsense name that would be rather uncommon, but it turns out there are several people with that name, even a famous football player...not that I'd ever heard of him.
This transitioned into trying to speak to a room full of people.
me: "I'd like to establish an answer to the question 'what do I look like to you'."
This didn't get very far, and no one seemed to understand.
me: "Okay, that wasn't working. I'm just going to start narrating out loud all the things that I can see."
One of the things that popped up was a book titled "Syl Gears" which had several authors names that I read off of it. The environment changed to an unusual game show, which I don't remember very well.
Right before I woke up, I was touring some electrical facility, and hearing the story of a series of large parts that they had bought. The manufacturer would sell the plant upgrades, but every 3 versions they would change the connectors so that the plant would have to upgrade all their other equipment.
Note I believe the parts were Turbines.
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